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Please note that due to our role as national field organizing office for Move to Amend, and how very busy that keeps us, we currently do not hold regular workshops. The information below is out-of-date, but provides historical perspective. We hope to resume holding workshops at some future date.

Wondering how to challenge corporate rule in your community?

Whether you’re looking for an overview of how corporate power devastates communities, a presentation on democratic movements in the United States, or seeking support for a specific project, Democracy Unlimited can help.

We offer workshops, presentations, and consulting services to help empower our allies and build an effective movement for genuine democracy – community by community across the country.

Democracy Unlimited is committed to anti-oppressive, popular education and strategic action. We strive to model feminist, anti-racist practices and to encourage leadership in everyone who attends our trainings. Our education methods are participatory, democratic, and engaging. We seek to facilitate participants towards their own goals, providing context and a strategic perspective that empower you to take action.

Click here to download a PDF brochure of the workshops and trainings we offer.

Comments from Past Workshop Participants

“I had been searching for years for an approach to social and political issues that could have a systemic impact – Democracy Unlimited’s workshop gave me that focus.”
-Dana Silvernale, teacher, Blue Lake, CA

"The Deep Democracy workshop has become a turning point in my organizing efforts. The historical perspective, the tremendous support for each of us participants, and the focus on rights-based organizing have enabled me to influence others quite positively. Thank you all so much for all the good thinking you have put into the training. I know it comes from your solid experience."
- Courtney Childs, community activist, Corvallis, OR

**We also present to classrooms in high school and college. If you are interested in bringing a DUHC presenter to your class, please contact us.

Hosting a Democracy Unlimited Workshop in Your Community

Custom Designed Strategic Planning
We are available for support in strategic planning to challenge corporate power, community organizing, and training. We can help your organization identify opportunities for collaboration with other groups, as well as choose issues to mobilize your community. We will custom design these sessions to provide your group what you need and continue to work with you as needed after your campaign or project is underway.

Speaking Events
Our dynamic speakers can also provide an inspirational keynote for your event or conference. You can even combine a public presentation with a more intimate training to prepare your group and motivate your community in one fell swoop.

Our Fees
Contact us for fee information. We offer all workshops on a sliding scale fee structure.

Support We Offer Workshop Hosts
To make sure your event is well organized, we can help you by providing tips and materials for press coverage, advertising and promotion. We will provide a check-list to help you plan and pull off a successful event for your community or organization.

Click here for workshop hosting tips and information.

We can also send you a packet with more detailed information about our work if you would like to learn more about what we do. Please contact us for more information about how we can work with you to help build our collective movement for genuine democracy!

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