Introductory Workshop

Please note that due to our role as national field organizing office for Move to Amend, and how very busy that keeps us, we currently do not hold regular workshops. The information below is out-of-date, but provides historical perspective. We hope to resume holding workshops at some future date.


Challenging Corporate Rule, Creating Democracy – Our Introductory Workshop

Corporations have become the dominant institution of our time. They have hijacked our government and economy – our very democracy. A movement is growing to claim our sovereign power, make corporations subordinate and put ‘We the People’ back in charge.

This introductory workshop teaches the history and context for corporate power and will help participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to reclaim our democracy from corporations.

After an initial presentation, we will facilitate a series of focused discussions and small and large group exercises to assist participants in:

★ Empower yourself with the hidden history of corporate rule and people's movements
★ Learn strategies and skills to build genuine local democracy in Humboldt County
★ Meet people who want to create social and environmental justice
★ Challenge yourself to think outside the box to make *real* change
★ Become part of a community-based effort to reclaim power for people, not corporations

No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to attend.

The cost for this all-day workshop is $20-$100 sliding scale. Space is limited. To secure your spot, pre-register online now.

2011 Dates for this Workshop

★ Saturday, March 19th in Eureka, CA from 11:00am-3:00pm. Pre-registration required.
★ Saturday, July 9th in Eureka, CA from 11:00am-3:00pm. Pre-registration required.
★ Saturday, September 24th in Eureka, CA from 11:00am-3:00pm. Pre-registration required.

Would you like to host an Introductory Workshop in your community? Find out more.

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