Please note that due to our role as national field organizing office for Move to Amend, and how very busy that keeps us, we currently do not hold regular workshops. The information below is out-of-date, but provides historical perspective. We hope to resume holding workshops at some future date.

In our consumption driven society many of us have forgotten the skills necessary for self-sufficiency and autonomy. There is a growing resurgence of interest in these skills, but often community empowerment is still left out of the equation: what good does it do us to learn to take care of ourselves in isolation or for purely selfish reasons? We need to re-awaken our communal preservation instincts!

Since 2005 Democracy Unlimited has hosted free Community Skillshare events, offering the opportunity for neighbors to teach and learn from each other about a wide-range of valuable skills including herbal first aid, sock darning, changing your car's oil, baking break, bike maintenance, putting a website online, making tamales, saving and starting seeds, sewing outdoor clothes, canning, making mead and beer, and many, many more.

Now instead of an annual event, we host a workshop each month at our Pancake Breakfast to spread the skills around the entire year.

★ To find out about upcoming Skillshare Workshops, check our Upcoming Events calendar or 2011 Skillshare Schedule

★ If you have a skill to teach, please fill out this form

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