Theory of Social Change

We would like to acknowledge Joanna Macy for providing a practical and inspirational framework for the social change work needed for a radical and systemic change to our society. We have modeled our Program Areas on that framework.

In order to achieve systemic social change, all of these activities must be happening at once. Each of these methods build upon each other - often times a campaign or project can encompass more than one, or even all of the methods at one time.

At Democracy Unlimited, our Projects all fall under these Program Areas, with some projects overlapping multiple Programs.

Resisting the Dominant System

Slowing Down Harm (“Fighting Single Issue Fires”)
Fighting “fires” does not bring us systemic change in itself, however it helps preserve the overall health of our community and provides the opportunity to demonstrate the reality of corporate rule. DUHC’s role is to provide a bridging analysis from single-issues to the systemic issue of our lack of democracy.

Creating New Tools and Strategies that Shift Power to The People
To create lasting change that moves beyond bandaid solutions, we must shift power away from multinational corporations and to local communities. Tools that do this are those that shift both law and culture, such as crafting ordinances, passing ballot initiatives or enacting legislation that protects community’s and people’s rights over corporate “rights."

Creating & Nurturing Alternatives

Without alternatives people remain dependent upon corporations and corporate culture. Models are needed to help foster a culture of local sovereignty which is fundamental to our work. People need opportunities to opt out of the corporate capitalist system and to build a new system to meet our social and economic needs.

Organizing Skills and Education

We can look to past people’s movements to learn the importance of strategic community organizing in creating lasting social change. Today we need to craft a vibrant movement for democracy. Drawing on skills developed by other effective organizers over decades of movement building as well as our own successes, DUHC teaches democratic and accountable processes like facilitation, messaging, coalition building, and campaign development to help others build more effective organizations and citizen’s groups.

Shifting Culture

The most dangerous threat to democracy is the mistaken belief that the US is a democracy. People and communities need assistance and support to believe we have a right to resist corporate rule and to see that a democratic world is not only possible – but necessary for the survival of life on earth. Our education work provides an historical and analytic framework for understanding the mechanisms ruling elites have used to manipulate our laws, our government and our culture in order to maintain their power.

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