Please note that due to our role as national field organizing office for Move to Amend, and how very busy that keeps us, we currently do not hold regular workshops. The information below is provided for historical purposes. However, we hope to resume holding workshops at some future date.

Democracy Unlimited understands the importance of transforming the ideas that shape our world in order to make it more just and democratic. To that end, our educational programs engage people to reconsider what the idea of democracy is, and to rediscover anew the history of the United States from a framework of radical democracy. 

Learn about our teaching philosophy and what attendees have said about our workshops.

We call our day-long, introductory workshop “Challenging Corporate Rule, Creating Democracy.” We formerly offered this workshop locally three times a year.

We formerly hosted monthly Organizing Skills Trainings for community members of all skill levels. Participants learned methods for everything from holding better meetings, doing media work, tabling and volunteer outreach to running canvasses, fundraising, and coalition building.

Community Skillshares was a series of workshops we offered at our pancake breakfasts. These workshops were taught by community members and provided information about basic skills for personal empowerment and community self-sufficiency.

Our Food and Democracy Workshop challenged participants to consider the possibilities for reclaiming our decision-making authority over our food system and potential individual and collective action.

Our Deep Democracy Retreat and Organizer Training was an intensive in-depth workshop, to help participants envision grassroots democratic solutions to problems facing your community. Legal history, case studies, and forward-looking strategies were offered to inspire your action plan.

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