Our Positions on Fall 2012 Ballot Measures

November 6 Ballot Measures:

If a proposition or measure is not mentioned it means that we did not take a position. Please note that Democracy Unlimited only endorses ballot initiatives, not candidates.

State Propositions

Proposition 30 - YES
Temporary Taxes to Fund Education. Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding.

(Initiative Constitutional Amendment)

Jerry Brown's Prop 30 would prevent deep cuts in education spending through tax increases. While we wish it would do so without raising sales taxes, it does also raise taxes specifically on earnings over $250,000. While the measure isn't perfect, it is, on the whole, the best option on the table to save our schools from serious cuts. YES ON 30


Proposition 31 - NO
State Budget. State and Local Government.

(Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute)

Prop 31 would change the state Constitution to alter the budgeting process. With all its complexities, our primary concern is that it would, in certain situations give the Governor the authority to unilaterally make cuts. We find that level of power concentrated into one person's hands to be unacceptable. NO ON 31


Proposition 32 – NO
Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction. Contributions to Candidates

(Initiative Statute)

Prop 32 is phony campaign finance reform, designed to tip the political scales in California toward the interests of financial elites. It bans the use of payroll deductions to raise funds for political spending, which is a one-sided attack on unions. Such deductions are virtually never used by corporations -- just by unions. This proposition gives special exemptions to the very people whose money already distorts our political system, while limiting campaign spending by the other 99% of us. NO ON 32


Proposition 33 – NO
Auto Insurance Companies. Prices Based on Driver’s History of Insurance Coverage

(Initiative Statute)

Put on the ballot by the insurance industry, Prop 33 claims to be all about discounts for folks who maintain continuous coverage. However, folks who don't stay insured would have their rates jacked up. Just because someone's not insured doesn't mean they're driving while uninsured. It's senseless and unfair to penalize someone simply because they had no need to drive a car for awhile. NO ON 33


Proposition 34 – YES
Death Penalty

(Initiative Statute)

Prop 34 abolishes the death penalty in California and redirects death row inmates to life in prison. Too many times have innocent people been executed. Repeatedly, death row inmates have been found by DNA evidence to have been wrongly convicted. Death sentences are given disproportionately to the poor and people of color. The state simply cannot be trusted with the power to kill human beings. YES ON 34


Proposition 36 – YES
Three Strikes Law. Repeat Felony Offenders. Penalties.

(Initiative Statute)

Prop 36 reforms the Three Strikes law to more closely match the intent of the voters who passed it, by ensuring that crimes that are counted as "strikes" are actually violent or serious offenses. YES ON 36


Proposition 37 – YES
Genetically Engineered Foods. Labeling.

(Initiative Statute)

We strongly support Proposition 37. Requiring the labeling of genetically-modified foods is the right thing to do. It's a consumer rights issue, an environmental issue, and, potentially, a public health and safety issue. Democracy Unlimited takes special exception when corporations claim that Prop 37 violates their Constitutional free speech rights. Constitutional rights must apply only to living people, not corporations. YES ON 37


Proposition 39 – YES
Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses. Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding

(Initiative Statute)

We support Prop 39 because it would mean that multistate companies will no longer be able to pay artificially lower taxes by sending jobs out-of-state. It would also increase state revenue by a billion dollars and, for the first few years, use that increased revenue to fund renewable energy projects. YES ON 39


Proposition 40 – YES
Redistricting. State Senate Districts


We advise a yes vote on Prop 40 to ensure that state senate district lines remain as they are, rather than be put back in the hands of politicians. YES ON 40


Local Measures

Measure H (City of Arcata) – YES
An Initiative
Declaring that Corporations Are Not Persons

While we believe that a countywide Move to Amend voter-backed resolution is necessary, Dave Meserve's "Corps Ain't Peeps" Measure H is a good start and aligns with the resolution that Democracy Unlimited got the City Council to pass in 2001. YES ON H


Measure I (City of Arcata) – YES
An Initiative Establishing an Excessive Residential Electricity Users Tax

We support Measure I because, in keeping with Arcata's longstanding commitment to sustainability, it discourages exorbitant energy usage. It also reduces the risk of house fires and curbs the degradation of residential neighborhoods by making Arcata a less attractive place for indoor marijuana cultivation. YES ON I

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