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Have you ever joined a CSA to get your food? If not, you need to try it! A Community Supported Agriculture program (or "CSA") is a way to invest in a local family farm by buying a share of the farm's crops in advance for the coming season. You then get a box full of fresh locally-grown produce each week throughout the season.

Consider all the ways being in a CSA will make you feel great:

★ Knowing exactly where your food comes from!
★ Supporting the local economy!
★ Minimizing waste and pollution!
★ Eating the freshest, most wholesome food possible, and the resulting health benefits!
★ Putting your money into a community-building food delivery model instead of the ultra-destructive centralized corporate food system!

What's not to love about joining a CSA? You can find even more benefits to CSAs by clicking here.

Eureka Pick-up site for Earthly Edibles CSA!

If you live or work in or near Eureka, consider signing up for the Earthly Edibles CSA that we'll be hosting this year. (Read about Earthly Edibles Farm below). The pick-up site is conveniently located at 14th and M Streets in Eureka, and pick-ups will be on Tuesdays (previously planned for Fridays, it's been switched to Tuesdays).

(If you're not in Eureka, check out our list of local CSA's to find one with a pick-up near you).

To have the most successful season, it's very important that people sign up as early as possible. So please

Here's a little bit about Earthly Edibles and their CSA program:

"Hello and thanks for checking out our CSA. We're a certified organic farm located in Korbel, just across the river from Blue Lake. Our farm has been in operation for 11 years now, and this is year 5 of our CSA. Because we straddle that inland/coast microclimate, we're able to provide a steady flow of coastal crops: lettuce, broccoli, beans, etc, through the CSA season, and ending with both coastal and hot weather crops: dry farmed tomatoes, melons and corn, etc. We offer two CSA sized box's, both for 22 week seasons: half shares ($350.00) feed 1-2 people/week, full family shares ($550.00) 3-4 people/week.

- Ed Cohen

★ If you'd like to join Earthly Edibles' CSA, CLICK HERE

★ For the farm's contact information, click here.

Remember, the sooner you join the better! Join this CSA today!

If you want to join a CSA but Eureka pick-ups aren't good for you, check out our list of other local CSAs.

Happy Eating!

P.S. - If you're saying to yourself, "Hey, what about the Luna Farm pick-ups?" we're sorry to report that we won't be able to host two CSAs as planned, due to logistical issues. If you were hoping to sign up for the Luna Farm CSA, we encourage you to look into their other CSA pick-up sites. To visit Luna Farm's facebook page, click here.

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